Builder Bottle Overlay is the service for you! This service provides you with a plain nude builder overlay on your natural nails to add strength and structure, applied after a detailed dry Russian manicure, removing all dead skin and cuticle from the nail plate and fingers.

Builder Gel Extensions are the perfect service for you! This service includes a detailed dry Russian manicure removing all dead skin from the nail plate and fingers, followed by extension enhancements to your preferred length and a plain nude builder overlay to add strength and structure.

Builder Bottle Infills is the service for you! This service includes removal of your previous set, when we infill at shape we take off almost all of the product from your previous set, this allows us to remove all, if any, lifting to avoid any bacteria being trapped between the product and the nail and it allows us to check the health of the nail plate. In doing this it also means that you are able to change your base colour at each and every appointment if you wish to do so. A detailed dry Russian manicure will be done to remove all dead skin and cuticle and followed with a plain nude builder gel overlay to add back that strength and structure.

Gelly Tip Extensions are a perfect alternative to builder gel. You can still achieve a beautiful manicure that lasts up to 4 weeks. These pre-made extensions are made from gel and are adhered with builder gel. By cutting your natural nails short and having a sturdy tip replace it will minimise any lifting and chipping! This service includes a full Russian manicure to remove all dead skin of the nail plate to ensure maximum adhesion and the strong pre-made tips will be sized perfectly to your nails to prevent lifting and give the most natural seamless look. Gelly Tips cannot be infilled and a removal and fresh set will be carried out at follow up appointments.

It is so important to book your add ons in order for us to have enough time to provide you with any colours or designs you desire. The following add ons can all be found under the nail art section.

If your wanting a plain all over colour which isn’t a standard builder nude, please add this to your service as it requires an additional 15 minutes and is charged at an extra £4.

If your wanting french tip this must be added to your service as it takes an additional 20 minutes and is charged at an extra £8. You can have your french in any colour desired.

If you would like a fade from builder base to a different colour please add this to your service. We can do this in standard white or in any other colour. This takes an additional 15 minutes and is charged at an additional £8.

Builder gel is an amazing product that adds strength and structure to your natural nails. It’s durable but flexible formula is kinder to your natural nails than acrylic. Builder gel itself has no nail health benefits which is why its important to oil our cuticles daily to promote growth and strong hydrated nails.

The safest way to remove your nail product is to book with us for a removal. Different gels have different removal methods so to avoid damage to your natural nails book in with us to get them removed safely.

Your nails will be perfect for up to 4 weeks. While at the 4 week mark your nails may still look brand new it is important to maintain your nails with regular 3-4 weekly appointments to protect the health of your natural nails and avoid any nail casualties due to improper structure from overgrown enhancements.

Our nail art system can be a little confusing HERE are some examples of each level nail art. If you are unsure on what level of nail art your inspiration picture would fall under, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT us for further help with booking.

In our salon we accept cash and QR code payments. QR code payments are made by scanning a code with your phone and checking out online with the options of GooglePay, ApplePay, Debit or Credit card.

Our list of policies can be found HERE.